Spike Hike Mentions The #SuperSecretProject – Details

On Twitter, Spike Hike (@SpikeHikeCP) has quite mentioned this “Super Secret Project” that Club Penguin will be having this year.

Some players, including me, were thinking this #supersecretproject is actually CPNEXT, a new technology being experimented by the Team. But WE ARE NOT sure if it is CPNEXT.

On the Tweet that Spike posted today, the project is going well:

Here are more Tweets involved on the project:

Well, could this project be released anytime soon? And yes, I know the tweet above is released on Feb 1 but it feels like evidence of this project.

Check out Club Penguin Wikipedia about CPNEXT for more info of this. If you don’t know what’s CPNEXT, then check that out also.

Stay tuned for more posts related to this one and I’ll catch you up with some more CPNEXT or #supersecretproject posts.

~ Mario86385CP


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