Club Penguin Rainbow Party 2015 

Club Penguin released the Rainbow Party 2015 (if it’s not the name of the party, then my mistake). The party is quite about the Rainbow Puffles being free to adopt for everyone maybe.

The event starts ONLY on the Club Penguin App since the other party that’s released (The Fair 2015) is on the computer version. This Rainbow Party is from the Club Penguin App version, so let’s see what’s in it.

When logging in, you noticed the new design that CP did for the App, check it out:

Ok let’s continue, as you login to CP on the App, PH will talk to you. After your done, your rewarded a daily free item:

Rainbow Puffles are now adoptable for free for everyone. You’ll see those cannons at Town and Plaza to launch up on the clouds. Here’s the Town for example and you’ll see the cannon on the right side:

  When you click it, it launches you up the Cloud to adopt it:

Once your there, click the group Rainbow Puffles to adopt. Remember, it’s free (but LIMITED TIME):

Now you can name it:

   After you named it, well, no quests or anything around. It’s just decorative rooms everywhere. Here are the rooms that are decorated:


And that’s all. What do you guys think about the event?

~ Mario86385CP 


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