Get A 7 Day Membership FOR FREE & 2 New Unlockable Items In Honor Of Children’s Day!

Here goes the surprise to everyone. Tato Maxx released an awesome surprising post on the spanish Club Penguin Blog. In honor of Children’s Day, they are letting us to unlock 2 new unlockable items and a 7 day Membership code for FREE! Look what he says: (Translation to English):

Pingüinada !!

In April our friends from Colombia and Mexico celebrate Children’s Day !! Congratulations to all !!

And since it is a special day SUPER-MEGA in Club Penguin have prepared a gift SU-PRE-MO !!

Drummers * please * …

From today April 23 until May 7 can unlock two exclusive virtual items and a membership of seven days FREE !!

It is not a news EPIC ?? !!

So, friends of Colombia and Mexico, to get their gifts should enter the page by clicking HERE .

And for those who are not from Mexico or Colombia, do not worry !! Back to celebrate Children’s Day timely !!

Meanwhile, let’s celebrate with all our friends in the month and say out loud HAPPY DAY !!

Until next wave!

-The Club Penguin Team

Enter the code FELIZDIA to unlock both items and for the free 7-day membership, click here! Sweet!

~ Mario86385CP


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