Frozen Fever 2015 Walkthrough

Club Penguin have release another party that’s similar to last year’s one. It’s Frozen Fever. That’s right, it’s back again to the Island this year. As the CP Team confirmed this party to be released somewhere this month, let’s start the walkthroughs.


When you login to a server, Elsa and Anna will talk to you. We’re gonna skip the Elsa and Anna conversation because I accidentally skipped it during gameplay, so let’s move on.

After your done talking to Elsa and Anna, they will give you a snow icon thingy that looks like this:

Click it and it brings you up the quests:

Ok, there’s an item to collect. Click Collect and there you have it. Ok on the quest, click the middle one which looks like this:

And click Go There to be teleported to the Beach:

In this one, all you have to do is to collect snowflakes. So here are all of them:

And that’s it. Go back to the quest page (as I call it) and claim your rewards:

And then do the same thing for all the quests for more rewards!

Thoughts on the Frozen Fever 2015? Leave us a comment

~ Mario86385CP


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