Club Penguin: Puffle Party 2015 Walkthrough

Club Penguin have finally released the Puffle Party 2015 today at the Island. It includes new items, features, rooms especially, pins, etc. Time for a walkthrough so let’s begin by clicking the Read More link.


First, login to CP. After you’ve done that, PH will appear and talk to you:


Click Ok and she will give you a backpack in case to explore. Now the backpack is for collecting one piece of food. Let’s go here:

In here is the wilderness:

Waddle all over to the next room which it is here:

And you’ll discover a giant table and the puffles hiding under the bush:

In this one, all you need is to collect one piece of food and bring it back to the table. So let’s go in this way:

You’ll be taken in a room with food:

Select one piece of food by clicking it. I’ll take the Red Berries since it is a puffle food:

Click the food and it will be in your backpack. Now go back to the room with the giant table:

Click the table and see what happens:

A puffle will appear and it will appear 2 items. One for members and non-members. Ok, let’s do one more:

We need WILD food so collect this:

Go back to the giant table, click it and you get to pick 2 items:

The more you collect one piece of WILD puffle food, the more you gain items by clicking the table. Heres for the green wild berry:

And the yellow one:

Now the last one on the middle chair is missing:

All you need to do is go to the Puffle Lodge and get a fishing rod:

Go back to the wilderness (first room) and click the fish:

Now bring back the fish to the giant table. Click the table and look whos there:

Click Ok and PH will talk to you:


And finale:

Here’s him in full:

So what do you guys think of the party so far? Pretty good? Leave us a comment!

~ Mario86385CP


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