Club Penguin: SoundStudio Party 2015 Walkthrough

Today is Thursday and you know what this means everyone! The SoundStudio Party 2015 is now launched today at the Club Penguin Island. The party includes some new decorated rooms, items, features, etc. Now let’s see the  FULL walkthrough! Click Read More… to read more.


First, after you logged in to Club Penguin, Cadence will talk to you:

Click OK to done talking to her and let’s explore!

Here’s the Snowball Records:

Options when clicked at door. You get to choose a button:

Here’s your example, if you choose Pop, it teleports you to a room were you begin a minigame playing with Pop music. I choose Dubstep and here’s the room:

All you have to do is match the symbols. First, look at this located at the top:

It shows a table of different symbols. The first symbol is, let’s call it a Sun. The first symbol is a sun. Now you look at the bottom, were the big symbols are, and match them with the same symbols:

After you finished, you reward items but there’s one for members though:

You may teleport to a random location to leave or simply head to the backstage by going this way:

Here’s the backstage:

Ok, the Play For DJ Cadence is for members, so let’s explore some more. Here’s the town:

The plaza, with the Limo!

Inside the Limo is still the same:

Inside the Awards ceremony room located at the Plaza, LOL WUT:

Also, you know that Snowball Records minigame, yeah, each of the genre like Dance, Pop, Dubstep & Rock, each have different items as a reward. Here’s Dance:


& Rock:

New emotes:

And that’s all! But there is one mistake on this CP’s party. Why is the plaza decorated as the Hollywood Party 2013? Why is there an awards room? Its messed up because its not part of the SoundStudio. There should be something new to it for today’s party. But the rest is good.

Thoughts? Leave us a comment.

~ Mario86385CP


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