Club Penguin: Star Wars Rebels Takeover – Behind the Scenes Video + Sneak Peeks!!

WARNING: This post contains major spoilers about an upcoming event/takeover. If you DO NOT want to see it, please skip but if YOU DO, go ahead. This is just a warning reminder because some people wants to see it, other do not, so.

Club Penguin have released a new video that’s going to be involved with the Star Wars Rebels Takeover. This video is about the behind-the-scenes sneak peek of this month’s party, Star Wars Rebels Takeover. Check it out: And here are the sneak peeks, starting with the Map: Quests: The costumes unlocked after each quests: The lightsaber duel info: In-game features with lightsaber: And the final duel with the Inquisitor: That is all! Well the quests are always shorter than I expected but ok. But your excited for it? A little? Leave us a comment. ~ Mario86385CP


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