Club Penguin: Merry Walrus Party 2014 Walkthrough

Club Penguin have finally released the Merry Walrus 2014 party in which the party is all about Merry Walrus, maybe because of the show is going to be released for the US. Click Continue Reading… to begin.

First off, when your login to CP, and randomly picked a server, and Merry Walrus will talk to you:

After clicking the next button, he will keep talking to you:

Ok, that blue gem will appear on the top right of the screen. Click it (It should look like this):

After you did that, a screen will appear:

In this one, this is a reference of the Halloween Party 2014 one, there are quests to choose and to do. So let’s begin with the first one, which its this:

When you click Go There, it will teleport you to the Forest. Ok in this one, you just decorate the tree by throwing snowballs:

When your done, Marry Walrus will automaticly add 500 Coins to your inventory:

Head over to the blue crystal quest list, that I showed you earlier, and collect your prize:

Yes, first quest is done but the second quest is coming soon. It’s gonna be released tomorrow. So, does this helped you a lot? Leave us a comment!

~ Mario86385CP


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