Club Penguin Pirate Party 2014: How To Pirate Duel An Opponent

This is a tutorial of how to duel a player to get awesome rewards, swords and even coins! To duel, simply get a wooden or any kind of Sword and press on your keyboard. Here’s how it looks like:

Ok when someone goes to battle you, the battling mini-game is similar like the Star Wars duel mini-game. Remember the Star Wars Takeover on CP? Yeah it has the same battling modes. So to battle, it gives you 3 options during battle:

Ok this is like a little confusion here. Here how it works:

When the opponent wins, he gets 20 points and you get 10 for the defeat you caused but when you win this time, you get 20 points and the opponent gets 10. Once you keep winning duels, you’ll earn enough points to unlock new Swords and coins. The Swords are Members Only, the Coins are Non-Members and the rest are for Non-Members and Members:

Hope that helped!

~ Mario86385CP



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