Club Penguin: Pirate Party 2014 Walkthrough

Today is the day that the Pirate Party 2014 releases to the public at the CP Island and it’s time to show you a walkthrough of it. Click Continue Reading.. to continue.

  First, when you login to CP, RH will talk to you: Click “->” to continue talking to him: And finally, click OK to done talking to him. And now, let’s continue by clicking the Map icon, which looks like this: Click it, and it will show this:

Ok over here, you get new rewards, gold (non-members) & swords (Members only) by attacking players. The more you win, the more points you’ll get. Ok, let’s head to the Dock to defeat the Crab:

At the Dock, do you see a Chest with Crabs on it? Yes, click it:

And Rockhopper will talk to you:

Click –> to continue and he will tell and give you a Wooden Sword:

Click OK to start the war vs the Crab. After you clicked it, you’ll be teleported at the Beach to battle:

With your dueling skills, try to defeat 3 crabs to win. After you win, Rockhopper will talk to you:

After your done talking, a screen will appear (Don’t forget to claim your items when completing duel):

Only 1 Chest you have to conquor, let’s do it. First, go to the Beach, click the Chest that’s full of Crabs and your in battle. After your done dueling, new items unlocked and you better wait for the next Chest to open in some days.

Did this walkthrough helped? Stay tuned for more cheats!

~ Mario86385CP


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