Club Penguin: Halloween Party 2014 Quest #3 Walkthrough

According to the lists of quests, quest #3 is now available at the Halloween Party 2014 at Club Penguin. But first, let’s continue the previous quest, on objective 8. Click Read More to see more.


Ok first, open up your quest list, which it’s this:

And head up to objective #8:

Click Go There to take you to the Pool:

Ok in this one, all you have to do is to click ALL the pumpkins in order to unlock the lock and get the piece. Here’s for example:

After you’ve done that, the lock should unlock and you should be able to get the piece found in there:

And that’s it. Now for Quest #3 that’s available today at CP. Ok first, click your quest list that’s located at the top right and head over to the objective #9:

Click Go There to teleport to the Library:

Ok in this one, all you have to do is reach for the red pressure plate. It’s like a maze right? Here’s the steps:

Once you reach the red pressure plate, the lock unlocks and you should get the piece that’s found in there:

There, Quest done! Objective #11 will be available tonight OR tomorrow:

BUT I see that there’s new items to unlock. You can see them here on your quest list:

And yeah, that’s all! Stay tuned for more walkthroughs as the next one goes tomorrow.

~ Mario86385CP


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