Club Penguin: Halloween Party 2014 Walkthrough – October 2014

Today is the day that the Halloween Party 2014 is finally released to the PUBLIC featuring the Puffle Hotel being haunted by Puffle ghosts but today, i’m gonna show you the walkthrough and tips for you to explore this month’s party event. Click See More to read the walkthrough:


Ok first, when you login to CP and entering a random server, Gary will talk to you:

When done, click –> to continue talking to Gary:

When your done, click OK to stop talking to Gary and continuing with the Halloween Party quest. Ok next, you might wanna click this that Gary gave you to continue the quest, yeah, click on that:

And it will appear a screen that will appear some quests and earning free items:

Ok, lets do the first quest which is turning on the Elevator power in the basement. Click Go There to teleport the Puffle Hotel. When your there, you will see three levers to power on the power. All you have to do is click one of those levers that stays in match. Here’s for example:

When you click, it has to be the exactly like this:

After you’ve done that, a Puffle Hotel bellhop will speak to you on the upper right of the screen. When he’s done talking, let’s now head to the next quest but the next quest:

Click Go There to go to the quest location. When your there, your in a room:

In this quest, all you have to do is throwing snowballs to the remaining objects: Candles & Fire. After you’ve done that, it should open like a secret door that’s on the fireplace. When it’s opened, it shows like a golden piece:

Then, you click it the golden piece and you got it. After that, the bellhop will talk to you again on the upper right corner of the screen. And there, you completed both tasks, but the rest of the task will be available for some of the upcoming days. The next upcoming task will be available on October 24. So we better wait. Oh and one more thing, when you go to the Puffle Hotel, you will meet the bellhop of the Puffle Hotel named Skip:

Click OK when done. And that’s all the walkthrough for the Halloween Party 2014. What are your thoughts on this month’s party? Leave us a comment!

~ Mario86385CP


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