Club Penguin: School & Skate Party 2014 Walkthrough

Guess what today is, today is Thursday and today’s the Club Penguin: School & Skate party 2014. Right here, i’ll show you guys the walkthrough of the event. Let’s get started:

Ok, when you log in to Club Penguin, and picking a server, Rookie will talk to you:

Click “–>” to continue, and Rookie will talk to you again:

Click OK to done talking to Rookie and continuing. Ok, by clicking OKyou’ll recieve a Backpack, with that Backpack, you could collect Items and more info about it:

Ok next, let’s check out the new Skate Park that Club Penguin have added. It’s also located at the map:

Well this is the Skate Park and if you see those things that look like pins, collect them, they look like these:

Once you collected it, check your Backpack because when you collect items, new items will unlock for non-members and members:

Ok at the CP University, the room is designed as the School & Skate themed:

If you see a door at the top, enter and it will take you to the Gym:

And the Classroom:

Ok at the Plaza, you’ll find the Puffle Berry Mall, enter it and it’s the mall:

Let’s check out the Pizza Parlor:

Ok when you collected all the collectable items in some areas that is School & Skate related, Rookie will talk to you:

Click “–>” to continue and continuing with the Rookie talking:

And finally, you’ll receive a free School house for cleaning the school!. What do you think about the party? Leave us a comment.

~ Mario86385CP


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