Club Penguin: Sasquatch Appearance & Now Meetable!

Today, i just found that mysterious mascot, known as the sasquatch (CP haven’t confirmed his name yet) and he was now as a meetable mascot character at Club Penguin! Here are some images that i’ve tooked them about that Sasquatch:

?????? appeared on the portuguese server Friaca, room Forest.

And his playercard:

As you can see, the mascot’s name on Club Penguin is “??????”, as CP haven’t given his official name yet but some players call him Sasquatch. So yeah, let’s call him Sasquatch!

NOTE: If you want to find that Sasquatch mascot, be sure you follow @TrackBotCP on Twitter so they could find that Sasquatch mascot anytime!

So what do you guys think about this? Leave us a comment!

~ Mario86385CP


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