Club Penguin: Guess What’s Coming In May?

Since an upcoming party is coming to the Island soon this month, Megg have released a brand new post at the Blog today which she talks about what’s coming on May 2014:

I’m writing this blog post before anyone can catch me and stop me. I am going to tell you which party is coming in May!!
Are you ready?
Are you sure?!
Okay, here it goes!

APRIL FOOLS! You didn’t think I’d give it away THAT easily did you?!  I just wanted to carry on the fun from our April Fool’s day episode of The Spoiler Alert.   No hard feelings right? 😀
What I WILL do though, is show you some concepts from the May Penguin Style catalog and see if you can guess which party is coming!

Leave your guesses in the comments below!
Waddle on,
-Club Penguin Team
Oh, this is an April Fools joke but the upcoming episode of “Spoiler Alert” and the sneak peek image of the items on the Catalog is not. Well, what are your thoughts? Leave us a comment. Until then, Happy April Fools day lol.
~ Mario86385CP

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