Club Penguin – Holiday Party 2013 Walkthrough

Club Penguin Holiday Party 2013 is finally here with some new exciting stuff for members including the Trains, new items/catalog, and so much more. So let’s get started with it. First, when you log in to any Club Penguin server, a message from Rockhopper will appear:

Then click “Ok: to start. When you clicked it, you can now explore anywhere but first, lets see the Coins for Change pin by donating coins. Click this:

And then, click the “Donate” button:

Finally, pick the amount of coins you like to donate:

So i pick 10,000 coins to donate and there, i got pin:

Ok lets continue shall we?, first, go to the Train Station by going here:

Ok when your inside of the Station, go to the Tunnel for collecting coins while riding the Trains (Members Only):

Then, it will appear a new screen which you have to pick a Train in order to ride it but it cost you 400 coins to ride it. Sadly, it is for Members Only:

Pick any 4 Trains from the top:

and then, click the “400 Coins” button to start:

And there, your in! :D. But you need to throw snowballs to the present/stockings/ornaments with a balloon in order to get some coins:

When your done, it shows the final results for collecting coins. Then lets for the catalog with new Holiday items. Click the catalog:

And finally, here’s the catalog:

And that’s all folks lol. The Holiday Party 2013 seems awesome with new items this year and also, donate coins for the Coins for Change with LOTS of coins :D. Is this walkthrough helpful?, leave us a comment.

~ Mario86385CP


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