Club Penguin: Medieval Party – Don’t Miss This!

Club Penguin has released a brand new post at the What’s New blog and it talks about that Club Penguin is doing a reminder to you all that you don’t wanna miss something at the Medieval Party 2013. Look what he says:

Hello Penguins!

The Medieval Party is in full swing! And here’s a list of things you definitely won’t want to miss!

  • Help Gary the Gadget Guy by mixing the potions in the Book of Potions
  • Visit all the party rooms to receive the Explorer Stamp
  • Meet Gary
  • Challenge a friend to a jousting match
  • Visit the Wizard Academy and take a class in potion concoction

The party is here until October 1st!

Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

I hope you guys don’t wanna miss this during the Medieval Party 2013 because it seems to exciting! 😀

~ Mario86385CP



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