Club Penguin Star Wars Takeover 2013: Infiltrate The Death Star Walkthrough

Club Penguin has released another Star Wars Takeover mission which penguins could now infiltrate the Death Star to steal the secret plans!. Ok, lets begin shall we?. First, open your map by clicking the Rebel icon at the top right and go to the Death Star:

When your in the Death Star, you will see a light blue arrow that’s pointing left, go there:

When your inside, you will see a door that says “To: Ship Plans”, click on it:

Now when your inside, you will see that the bridge is closed, you need to unlock it by clicking the computer:

When you clicked it, you will play a minigame to open the bridge. Princess Leia (Cadence)) will talk to you:

Click “OK” to start. The minigame is like the minigame from Operation: Blackout. All you have to do is move the blocks and drag the green key bar to the Lock:

When you finished the minigame, you will earn some coins and a pin:

You will need to go to the next room to complete the 2nd level of that minigame. Keep hacking the doors until you reach Level E. Once you complete the final level, Princess Leia will talk to you:

Now that all the levels are complete, you stole the secret plans from the Death Star! :D:

Darth Herbert is gonna be super mad when he sees this lol. Well, that’s it for the cheats/walkthrough for today!. We will begin to land on Yavin 4 on August 8!. Leave us a comment if this is helpful.

~ Mario86385CP


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