New Club Penguin University + Mine Shack Re-Modeled!

Club Penguin has re-modeled the Mine Shack and with it’s new club penguin room called the Club Penguin University!. Now penguins will learn something new to that University. The Mine Shack has changed a lot, it has the entrance of the Dojo!. Check it out:

Inside the University is epic and there is a entrance of the Stadium at the left door:

When you click the door at the left side, it takes you to the Stadium!:

And also you can see it from the Map!:

Awesome!, this room and the Mine Shack is so epic that it has a Dojo entrance but i rather liked the Old Mine Shack or both. Anyways, are you excited for the Star Wars Takeover 2013?, leave us a comment!

~ Mario86385CP


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