Club Penguin Monsters University Takeover Cheats – June 2013

It is finally here!, Club Penguin has released the June 2013 party that’s called the Monsters University Takeover 2013 and it has some awesome stuff in there like new items such as the Mike Costume, decorated rooms and also the Scare Games that you have to choose a Team and whoever wins, gets the cup for your Team or you keep it lol. When you log in to CP, this message will appear:

Choose a Team like #TEAMOK, #TEAMPNK, #TEAMJOX & #TEAMROR for the Scare Games Competition or any team to get hats lol. These are the houses for your Team:

Team OK Room:


Team JOX Room:


Team ROR Room:


Team PNK Room:


Monsters University Takeover Catalog:

Now it’s time to see the Catalog. To bring up the Catalog, click on the Scare Meter:

And there’s the Catalog with some new items (Members Only) and a FREE item:

You get these items by playing the Scare Games and earning Scare Points to buy items at the Catalog. But you can check back tomorrow to get more new items and on the Following days:


Decorated Rooms:

Here are some Decorated rooms, Coffee Shop:

Pizza Parlor:


Scare Games:

To play at the Scare Games, go to the Snow Forts and enter the Monsters University Gate:

When your inside, click the entrance to go in there:

Then click the one that says “Scare Challenge” and click Yes:

Ok, now you have to choose your Team to play it:

To play this game, it is very simple, you use your Arrow Keys to move Forward/Backward and Space Bar to jump!:

Use these controls to get to the Robot Penguin’s Bed and avoid some objects like Toys, Balloons and Trains but you have to hurry up, you have a few seconds to make it:

Once you’ve made it to the Robot’s Bed, press Space to scare it:

There is some harder levels there when you continue playing it but be careful, you have 3 lifes. If you quit the game or lost 3 lifes, this will appear that how many points will be added and the Scare Meter reaches up:

There is also some new Emotes for everyone to try:

Well, that’s all the cheats for today guys and the party is fantastic and awesome!. What are your questions about this post?, leave us a comment!

~ Mario86385CP


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