Club Penguin: Penguin of the Day: Julian18861

Daffodaily5 has released another Penguin of the Day post at the What’s New blog and there is a brand new today’s winner who got featured at the Penguin Of The Day event!:



Todays’s POTD is Agent Julian18861. He does an ace job for the EPF, always looking out for fellow penguins and always on alert to defeat Herbert! And, well, he just looks uber cool doesn’t he? cool

Tell the team about your Penguin of the Day nominations via the Contact Us page!


-Club Penguin Team


Congratulations to “Julian18861 for being featured at the Penguin of the Day event at the What’s New blog!. Who’s gonna be featured at the NEXT Penguin of the Day??, leave us a comment!

~ Mario86385CP


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