Club Penguin: My Penguin Update Party!

Greetings!, My Penguin 1.1 Update released!. Daffodaily5 has released a brand new post on the Blog today about the “My Penguin” App that has a update which you can play Card Jitsu Snow on your Ipad/My Penguin App. So there’s gonna be a party on Club Penguin for the release of the My Penguin 1.1 Update:




In case you haven’t heard the news, there’s an update available for our My Penguin app, which lets you play Card-Jitsu Snow on an iPad! The update also includes extra levels for some of the other mini-games!

Not only that, but the app is now available in other languages too! Which I’m sure you’ll agree is an epic achievement for the team. So, to celebrate this huge launch, we’re going to have a huge party today (June 6th)! Join me (and some special guests from the French and German teams) at the following time/server:

Can’t wait to see you all there!


-Club Penguin Team


Other users are gonna play the CJ Snow at the “My Penguin” App on their iPads and i am actually gonna go there to meet Daffodaily5!. Are you gonna join the party??, leave us a comment below!

~ Mario86385CP


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