New Club Penguin EPF HQ Updates

Club Penguin has finally put an Update on the EPF HQ which is the Under Construction inside the EPF HQ. And the Construction outside the EPF HQ is not there anymore. Now that Club Penguin has put a new Minigame called “Spy Drills” which is on the Field Ops Screen (On the right) and it has Field Op Minigame Missions. Check out the EPF HQ Construction:


And finally, they took out the Construction at the “Ski Village”:

And about that New Minigame that Club Penguin had released that’s called “Spy Drills”, click on the screen:

And this is what it looks like when you click the Screen:

And when you click “Train“, it will show this to pick some Field Ops Minigames:

And when you click “Challenge” on the Main Menu, it will show this to earn your Medals:

And if you want more Medals, click “Reset”:

And it should go high up the medals but if you see if it’s lowering down, keep clicking Reset if you want more medals up to “5”. you will see 3 Minigames Refreshed:

Now that when you completed 3 Minigames, you will earn 5 Medals (If it says 5 Medals at the top right).

And thats all that i’ve got for all CP Players!. The Minigame is awesome because every CP Players could get Medals to your Phone to buy up Gears. What are your thoughts?, leave us a comment!

~ Mario86385CP


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