New Club Penguin Times Issue #393

Club Penguin has released the newest Issue of the Club Penguin Times today about the Marvel Superhero Takeover 2013 is still on, the Battle continues and the CPPD is doing their awesome work for sweeping the streets and uresting Villains and Bad Guys!. Also on the Villains side, i think that the Villains will be victorious to takeover Club Penguin but the Superhero will always save the Club Penguin Island and always win. Check it out:



Over here, the CPPD is sweeping the streets by Bad Guys and Villains:



And finally, the Upcoming Events!:



But there is more!, when you flip over the News Article, it will show the Villains side. Lets see what we got over here:



Looks like there are ALMOST complete for Villain Takeover with those evil robots but the Superheros always win:



So, i’m not sure who will win when the Marvel Superhero Takeover 2013 ends. Who will win?, SUPERHEROS or VILLAINS?. Leave us a comment to prove your answer.

~ Mario86385CP


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