Club Penguin Marvel Superhero Takeover 2013 Walkthrough

Club Penguin has released the awesome party, the “Marvel Superhero Takeover” 2013 that has new villains/heroes and some of the new Superhero/Villains costumes!. Also you can be a villain to destriy and rule CP, you can be a Superhero to save Club Penguin from the “Mandarin” and “Ultimate Proto-bot 3000”. Here are the cheats:


When you log in to Club Penguin, it will appear a message that you wanna be a “Hero or Villain”:

If you choose Hero, you will need to collect “Crystals” to get the “Superhero Hoodie” and powering up your Superpower Gloves:

Click “Power Up!” to begin collecting your crystals and the game is kinda easy and kinda hard. To play this game, you have to use your “MOUSE” to control the penguin and bounce as many crystals as you can to gain points!:

When your done with the game, your scores will be added and if you play more, you will gain more points when you play:

You may also get more Superpower Gloves everyday:

When your a villain, you can go to the Villains Lair at the “Secret Tunnel” (Located at the Cove) and build Robots to destroy Club Penguin:

This is the Villains Lair that all the Villains could hang out to make plans to destroy CP and in there, you could make Robots by clicking the “Ladder”:

To play this game, you have to drag and drop the matching parts to build your robot:

And when you finish the game, you will need to Launch Robots by clicking “Deploy Robot” and make your robots to destroy Club Penguin. (MEMBERS ONLY):

This is what it looks like when you launch your robot:

You have to make all 8 Robots of each kind of robot but each New Robot is coming up everyday. When you build all 8 robots (On May 2), you will earn a “Robot Hoodie”:

You can get a Free Item that’s called the “Money Bag” that’s located at the Pizza Parlor (Bank):

And also the New Marvel Superhero Takeover 2013 Catalog that has all the new clothes for Heroes/Villains:

And that’s all the cheats for the Marvel Superhero Takeover!. The party seems awesome and fantastic!. What Hero or Villain are you??, leave us a comment!

~ Mario86385CP


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