Club Penguin EPF Mission: Operation Hot Sauce Walkthrough April 2013

Greetings Agents!, Club Penguin has released the EPF Mission: Operation Hot Sauce Mission that Herbert has taken the giant Hot Sauce Bottle from the Pizza Parlor to make something that Herbert is building. The first to begin, head over to the EPF Command Room and then click “New Missions”:




When you clicked the “Start Mission”, the director will recieve your Mission:



Once you accept your mission, you head over the Pizza Parlor to ask Jet Pack Guy to see what happened to the Pizza Parlor:



When your done asking him, you need to find “Hot Sauce & a piece of Fur” to make a “Tracetracker3000”:



Once you’ve got the “Hot Sauce & the piece of Fur”, you’ll get a call from Gary to use the “Tracetracker3000”:


Once you’ve put the Hot Sauce and the Fur into the Bowl, your “Tracetracker 3000” is ACTIVATED!. When it is activated, you can now see Herbert’s Footprints and you need to FOLLOW IT:


And it ends up in the Beach were you stand on the big green square:


And now you have to unlock it with your Spy Phone when you enter the Door at your right:


Once you crack the Door, you will go in Herbert’s Underground Base and you will see Herbert building something evil and klutzy begging for pizza LOL:

When you put Pizza on the “Flood” Button, Klutzy will press it when he gets the pizza and Herbert failed to make his plans and everything will flood:

Once you’ve done that, you will appear in the Cove with the Giant Hot Sauce. Rookie will congrats to you for bringing back the Giant Hot Sauce and the Director will ask you something too:

And there, you’ve earned 5 Medals and a Background for completing the “Operation: Hot Sauce” Mission:

And the Pizza Party begins on the Club Penguin Island! :D.


Did this helped you complete your mission??, leave us a comment and be ready Agent! 🙂

~ Agent Mario86385CP



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