Club Penguin: Where’s The Snow Dojo? February 2013

Polo Field has released a brand new post about the Card Jitsu Snow and it shows a sneak peek sketch of the Card Jitsu Snow. You know those New 3 Card Jitsu Snow Villains that are “SCRAP, TANK and SLY”, now Fire Ninjas and Water Ninjas will be battling with those villains!. Could it be the Dojo, or the Card Jitsu Snow Battle Area??. Look what he says:

Hey ninjas,

Alright! You know the Card-Jitsu Snow Beta Test is coming. You know Snow Ninjas will be teaming up with Fire Ninjas and Water Ninjas. And you know that together, you’ll be going up against dangerous villains: ScrapTank, and Sly.

So now the question is: where’s the battle going to be?

Tell us where YOU think the Snow Dojo will be and what it’ll be like!

Waddle On!
– Club Penguin Team


~ Mario86385CP


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