Club Penguin Prehistoric Party 2013 Cheats (With Video)

Hey penguins!, today, Club Penguin has released the Prehistoric Party 2013 and it time for me to release the Cheats!. BUT, i have UPLOADED a brand new video at my Youtube Channel about the Prehistoric Party Cheats!. Here it is:

Lets begin the Cheats!, when you go online at CP, click “Dig For Eggs” to begin finding eggs!

2. Ok, when you clicked “Dig For Eggs”, it will teleport you into a Room full with Digging Games to get Eggs!. Also, check out the Catalogs!, CP have updated the “Items For Everyone” that everyone should get!:

3. Alright, to get those 12 Eggs, you must play the Dino Egg Hunt to get eggs!. Here how to play:

4. Yes, this is like “Treasure Hunt” but you have to find the Eggs in order to get the Rewards. To play it, you click a row, column to dig and collect Dino Eggs and coins. (SEE VIDEO).

5. When you got all 12 Eggs, you deserve to get a Reward, it’s a “T-REX Hoodie”!. Click “Get Reward” and then click “Yes” to get the Hoodie!:

Also, Members need to get back online on 2 Days to collect some awesome exclusive free items for your Igloo!:

Also, when you visit the store that says “Free Items For Everyone”, you can get items just for FREE but there is items for Members too!:

Well thats all the Cheats for today!, what are your thoughts at this post??, send a comment!

~ Mario86385CP


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