Club Penguin Holiday Party 2012 Walkthrough + Rockhopper’s New BG!

Hey penguins!, today, the Club Penguin Holiday Party 2012 is here with so much awesome gifts and everything at Club Penguin!. Rockhopper arrived and now, penguins could transform into a Racing Car, a Puffle Reindeer and a Frosty Biite!. ALSO, if you scroll down (at the END), there’s a new BG Gift for Rockhopper!. Here’s the cheats:


1. If you log in to Club Penguin, you will notice is a 6 day gift calendar. Every day, two new awesome gifts will be released, one for members and one for non-members:

Today, when 2 presents are released today, here’s what you’ll get for members:

2. There are so many items you could get during the Holiday Party 2012 at Club Penguin and in every rooms, there are Present Catalogs with 2 diffrent colors. The Purple is the NON-MEMBERS Catalog and the Red Present is for Members!:



3. When you enter the Ski Lodge, you sit on the Green Chair and press the Camra’s Red Button and you will get a “Big Cozy Chair” Background for your inventory!:

4. There’s a new catalog for the Holiday Party 2012, when you visit the Gift Shop or the Forest, there will be new items in that catalog, check it out:

For Non-members, here’s a new catalog with OLD items like last years that you could get it for FREE!:

5. When you get inside the Coins For Change Bakery, you will find a Cookie Jar. In that Jar, there will be Cookies that makes you Transform into a Race Car, Puffle Reindeer and a Frosty Bite!:


When you got Transformed, you need to help make a special batch of cookies in the back room of the Bakery!. Once your there, here is how you make cookies:


When you finished making Cookies, there will be 3 Cookies for you to Transform!. Those Cookies cost 100 Coins for Transforming. Non-members could transform into a Race Car but when your a CP Member, you can transform into a Reindeer Puffle and a Frosty Bite!.


Rockhopper’s New Background Gift!:


What are your thoughts?. Send a comment!

Happy Holidays and have a great New Year!


~ Mario86385CP


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