Club Penguin Daffodaily5’s Featured Fashions: December 3rd!

Hey penguins!, today, Daffodailey5 has released a brand new post today at the Club Penguin Blog!. Today’s blog, it talks about some Featured Fashions that penguins wear awesome clothes on CP. Daffodailey5 chooses 4 penguins with their awesome clothes!!!. Look what she says:




I’ve got some fab news! From now on, we will have four stars of Featured Fashions each week! I receive so many epic nominations and see so many awesomely dressed penguins online, it’s tricky to just choose one.

First up, we have Lorenaa30 who stood out to me as the ultimate purple penguin. I really like how her whole outfit is colour coordinated, it looks brill!

Next, Dino651 really impressed me as a super-secret-agent-pirate-penguin. This epic combo would warn off any pesky polar bears, I’m sure!

I spotted Suzika as her outfit is so colourful. I love how her blue hair matches her ghost catching outfit, it’s ace!

As you all know I love to see random outfits, especially ones like Mario6415. A cow in a tie holding a guitar… that’s hilarious!

I’d love to know what you think of these outfits too! Let me know in the comments below.

P.S. Don’t forget to nominate your buddies if you think they have stand-out style!

– Club Penguin Team



~ Mario86385CP


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