The Club Penguin stickers album is out

Hey everyone! When I checked the French blog I found a post from Loustik005. In this post Loustik005 says that the Club Penguin stickers album was released in France , Belgium and Switzerland! Here is a photo that he posted.

I translated the words so you guys could read it! Here is what Loustikoo5 says:

Hi ice! Introducing a new lot of fans eagerly awaited: the Club Penguin stickers album was released in France, Belgium and Switzerland! I’m lucky to hold one between the fins. 🙂 I can tell you that it found all the main activities of sea ice images: ninjas, secret agents, the puffles, fashion, penguin and more. Of course, our favorite characters are waiting for you: DJ Cadence, the Penguin Band, Rockhopper, Sensei and Gary each have a special page! Here is an overview:  There are over 200 stickers to collect or share with friends. And stickers in each package, there is a code to unlock virtual items or object Treasure Book. What do you say?Appointments in the comments with all your questions! soon on the blog … or on the island! 😉 Loustik005

What do you think of this Club Pengun stickers album? Please let us know in comments!


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