Club Penguin What’s New Blog: PSA Missions Update

Hey penguins!, today, the Club Penguin Team has released a brand new post on their Community Page and it is in Spanish because the CP Team has posted on the Spanish Club Penguin Blog. When Herbert P Bear exploded the EPF HQ, the Club Penguin Team has updated the PSA Missions on the “Fun Stuff” Page.  Look what they said:



Hello, agents.

As many will know, Herbert, Polar Bear, has destroyed the headquarters of the EPF and the RV Hall.

Yet I can not reveal much but I can tell you that the team is thinking big ideas for the future of the EPF (be alert to the blog that will keep you posted when I have more news).

Know how like APS missions and wanted to make sure they can access them. So, let’s add the former PSA missions to section “Fun Stuff” so they can perform them if they wish.

Which is your favorite of the PSA mission? Tell us in the comments.

– The Club Penguin Team



~ Mario86385CP


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