Club Penguin Times Issue #370 + Secret Message From The Director!

Hey penguins!, today, Club Penguin has released another issue of the Club Penguin Times issue #370!. It’s about the Operation Blackout continues on Club Penguin still and theres a secret hidden message from the Director!:

If you click on the Crab that’s looking at the computer screen at the top right, a hidden message will appear and it’s from the Director!:

It says:

“As of this moment, you are now a part of the EPF Resistance.

Report for duty in the Underground HQ.

Club Penguin will be free.

-The Director of the EPF”.


Herbert have may out some more rules when a Newest Club Penguin Times issue comes out every thursday:

And here are the Upcoming Events:

Haha!, impossible!. Operation Blackout doesnt end untill March 2017!. He’s crazy!. It ends like in 2 weeks!!. Herbert will not be the leader of CP when the cannon destroys!. What do you think about this??. Send a comment!

~ Mario86385CP


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