Club Penguin Underwater Party Cheats

Hey guys, Club Penguin Underwater Party is here :D, and Rookie might be online at Club Penguin :D, Club Penguin Is Tipping on the Underwater Party, Rookie might be Helping penguins to get the water off to save club penguin, Heres the cheats to the Underwater Party on Club penguin.

After you have taken a very good look at the map, enter the maze. To successfully complete the maze, use the following pictures below to guide yourself through the maze. The red arrows will point the direction you will need to maneuver your penguin through to get through.
Once you have successfully maneuvered your penguin through the maze to the finish line, you will enter a room containing a free submarine costume!
Club Penguin Underwater Party Free Items
Club Penguin Underwater Party Released a New Item, Take a look.
Club Penguin Underwater Party Decorated Rooms
Club Penguin Underwater Party has a New Decorated Rooms, Check it out.
Well Thats all the cheats for today, Be sure to look at My ROOKIE TRACKER and Have fun at the Club Penguin Underwater Party. Waddle On Cp.
~ Mario86385cp

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