Club Penguin Blog: Behind The Scenes Update: Jan.25

Hey Penguins! Billybob Posted  a new Blog about the Club Penguin Bugs that Players are having Trouble Logging in or a Blue screen glitch that made Cp Players not play Cp, Thats why the Club Penguin Team are Fixing Bugs to let People play on Club Penguin, Heres what he said:


Hello Penguins!
It’s been busy here at Club Penguin HQ! For the last few months, we’ve dedicated a lot of the Club Penguin team to make the experience faster, and to squash some big bugs that were getting in the way.

Here are a few examples of what we’ve done:

  • Faster loading: One of the things we’ve heard is that you want to log on to Club Penguin faster. We’re listening, and have been working on a bunch of improvements… everything from room and game speed to server upgrades.
  • Blue screen bug: Some of you were getting disconnected while seeing a blue loading screen. Guess what? The team squashed this pesky bug!! Thanks for being so patient.
  • Small screen trick: Did you figure out this trick yet? Now you can switch between Small Screen and Big Screen without logging off!
We’re working on more improvements, so stay tuned as we continue to make Club Penguin even better!
Looks like the Cp Team are fixing bugs on club penguin, Thats better becuse If club penguin has bugs, It could Ban Players by Purchase a New Item or the Players are having trouble Logging In to Club penguin, Thats Very Bad, Well but now The Cp Team are Doing GOOD :D.

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